Practical details

Airline tickets:
It is very easy to book on the internet, several airlines serving Thailand and Phuket (Thai Airways, Qatar
Airway , Emirates, Ethiad …). Prices range from 600 € to 1000 € per person depending on the season but
it is always possible to find attractive promotions. Book in advance and you will often find the best price.
Tip: look at dates in midweek you can save up to 20%
Thai food is varied and excellent fragrant but also very economical. The average price of a meal is about
150 baht. Original: nibble (skewers, fruit or soup ) in the many street vendors. You prefer European
food? You will easily find a multitude of international restaurants, the dishes are a little more expensive
(about 300 baht).
It’s always warm in Thailand, at least 26-28° but often around 30-35° or more. It rains from time to time
in Phuket but much less than in the rest of Thailand, mostly in the form of thunderstorms but that does
not last long. Large consecutive rains in Asian monsoon arrive in October and November. At sea it is very
rare to have bad weather.